Address by Zhou Qiang, Governor of Hunan Province

Nowadays, industrialization and informatization are converging in development. Innovation is not only the hallmark of the age but also the major power and source of economic and social development. While advancing on the historical track toward new-style industrialization, social wellbeing, and state prosperity, Hunan must facilitate the integration of industrialization and informatization, focus more on industrial design and innovation, and fully utilize innovation during the process to enhance the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of its industry.

The “Lotus Cup” international Industrial Design and Innovation Competition provides an ideal platform to build the Chang-Zhu-Tan City Cluster as a Two-Oriented Society Comprehensive Supporting Reform Trial Area, uniting innovation and reformation resources and accelerating the promotion of new-style industrialization. We sincerely welcome the participation of all national and international innovative talents and expect a global brainstorming of ideas and inspirations. When more innovative thoughts spark, more innovations are generated and more innovative talents will rise.

We believe, with the participation of every innovative talent, the 2008 “Lotus Cup” International Industrial Design and Innovation Competition will achieve a complete success.

Zhou Qiang
September 22, 2008

Theme 2008

Innovation, harmony, and value.
Innovation – advocating innovative concept and inspire creative passion to lead the trend in innovation age
Harmony – creating sustainable design in conformity with “resources-effective and environment-friendly society”
Value – Focusing on user experience to boost products’ added-value and brand value