24 Finalists for the LotusPrize Incubation Programme

The 24 Finalists for the LotusPrize Incubation Programme has been selected out from our ‘Innovation Design Award’ winners for further incubation. Parts of the entries have already been chosen to be marketed and manufactured by our participating enterprises. The LotusPrize Organizing Committee has decided to give out a special ‘Best Application Design Award’ to 3 of the chosen designs.

The winners of the 24 Incubation Programme Finalists and 3 Best Application Design Award is as follows (in no particular order):

Award Enterprise Topic Entry Contestant Organization First Round Award
Sany Group FOR FUTURE.FOR USER Forest Fire Truck ZHOU Ning, LUO Qinlin, LI Ning, TANG Gang N98-Design Silver
Sany Group FOR FUTURE.FOR USER TransPro CX – Concept Implement Carrier WANG Zihao Umea Institute of Design Gold
Mango V Fund Mango V Fund Charity Event Design: Post Yaan Earthquake Reconstruction Project The Redesign of YINGJING Black Earthenware ZHU Lin, ZHOU Zheng, TANG Beibei Tsinghua University Silver
Hunan Yiqingyuan Tea Industry Co.Ltd Tea Lifestyle Tea Set, FREE WANG Junchao Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Honourable Mention
Markor Furnishings Franchise Co. Ltd Copper Lifestyle Products Redesign Harmony Mirror LI Shiliang, HAN Yi Hunan University Bronze
Hunan Dongmai Cultural Innovation Development Co.Ltd New Gaeml Brocade – The Inheritance and Innovation of Volk Handicraft Handkerchief Lamp YANG Ting Soochow University Silver
Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd Design and Innovation for Large Earthmoving Equipment SUPER BRIDGE HE Juhua, ZHAI Yang, DU Jianyong Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Gold
CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co.Ltd Urban Rail Vehicle Design City Rapid Transit X System Introduction GUO Ke, ZHU Haozheng, SU Jie “Shanghai Sunwin Bus Institute of Dongguan Sun Yat-Sen University” Silver
Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Group Make the Wearable Devices Natural Drowning Detection Goggle CHEN HsinFu Shih Chien University Gold
Hunan Eter Electronic Medical Project Stock Co. Ltd Future Informationization of Innovative Hospital Ward Care System Design Ru Ying Sui Xing – The Mobile Terminal Design for Nurse and Patients PAN Lanqing, GONG Yuan, LI Cheng Hunan University of Science and Technology Gold
Sunbird Yacht Co. Ltd Digital•Ocean SEAVISON LI Cun Jiangnan University Silver
Mango V Fund Mango V Fund Charity Event Design: Post Yaan Earthquake Reconstruction Project ‘Settled Home’ –  Innovation Design for Yaan Earthquake Post Disaster Reconstruction WU Wensong, ZHOU Yiwei, XU Shayuan,YANG Yichen, CAO Yuan, YU Weiguang Hunan University Gold
Hefei Midea Refrigerator Co Ltd Creating a Better Life in Homes Logistics Refrigerator ZUO Yating, WANG Wen, WANG Siyu, MA Meng China University of Mining and Technology Silver
Guangzhou Low Carbon Industry Association Upcycling of Industrial, Commercial and Lifestyle Leftovers TYRE-D Andera Pisa;Jun Yang Brunel University, Hunan University Gold
Taskin City Sqare Taskin City Square Community Public Facility (System) and Service System Design Hook Selena Grasso London Metropolitan University Silver
Sunbird Yacht Co. Ltd Digital•Ocean ‘Eclipse’ Modular Yacht GUO Xiaozheng Politecnico di Milano Gold
Academy Nine Cultural Communication Co. Ltd Hunan Xiang Culture Product Design and Research ZheXiangYouLi LUO Yang, PAN Ying Freelancer Gold
Changsha China Red China Co. Ltd China Red China’ Series Product Design Series SHI Yawen, WANG Xianjie, YANG Xiaojuan, NA Chengai Hunan University of Science and Technology Gold
Huawei Device Co. Ltd Closer to your heart Hamon Alexandre Kitching ; Hsin-Hua (Sheana) Yu Royal College of Art Gold
China Italy Design (Hunan) Co. Ltd Indoor Innovative Plant Growing Platform Design Stackable self – watering herb pots Aurelija Ivinskyte Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Gold
Huayang Century Auto Group Car Spatial Function (System) Design V Vaccum LIANG Zhongming Shantou University Gold
Hunan Dongfang Shizhuang Co. Ltd Business Casual Lifestyle Experience Design pq Hanger Tim HSUEH Shih Chien University Bronze
Xunda Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd Innovative Intelligent Kitchen Appliance Design Design of the Intelligent Integrated Control Exhaust Hood and Gas Hob HUANG Wenxiang, LI Haizhong, LIU Wenye, LIU Danli Hunan University of Science and Technology Gold
Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group Future•Smart•Life Déjà vu: Memory Souvenir Service CAI Yun Tsinghua University/Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Gold
Yunifang Minimalistic Fashion, Natural Style THE FOUR BEAUTIES Facial Mask/NUO OPERA Facial Mask XIANG Zhewei, XU Mingjuan, XU Weize, QIU Xinyi Shih Chien University Gold
Hunan Futeng Hean Explosion Proof Technology Co. Ltd Corporate Image Design Fotun CI、Fotun CI设计 LI Xuhan,LEI Zhen,YANG Yawen Changsha Bangqi Product Design Co. Ltd Gold
LotusPrize Organizing Committee LotusPrize Trophy Design LotusPrize Trophy Design FAN Shizhong Hunan University Committee Special Award

Please follow the link http://www.lotusprize.com/lp/s/gallery?_lang=en to view our 24 Finalist entries. The finalists will be provided with a ‘Start Up Mentoring’ Workshop, online tutoring and model making fees. The 24 Incubation Programme Finalists will be contacted by the organizing committee via email or phone.

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