The Winners of the ‘Innovation Design Award’ Revealed

The judging of the ‘Innovation Design Award’ has been successful completed on 12 August. The jurors for this round of judging included enterprise representatives and international jurors. The ‘LotusPrize’ Organizing Committee tallied up the scores and the winners of the ‘Innovation Design Award’ are as follows (in no particular order).

N/B: Some entries are scored very closely and in some cases, there may be some slight changes in award settings on the basis of enterprise needs (some entries may be equally ranked). Topics that did not have more than 30 entries or not enough quality entries may have award vacancy.

We are welcome for the public to supervise the originality of the entries between 12 August – 20 August 2014.

The Winners of the ‘Innovation Design Award’


The above entries will be showcased in the LotusPrize Collection of Works and other professional international exhibitions. The winners will be award a prize, certificate and collection of works by the LotusPrize Organizing Committee and relevant enterprises. Please send your confirmation email to before 31 August 31 so we could efficiently send out your award.

The email should include:

1. The designer’s Chinese and English name, the entry’s Chinese and English name and the topic you entered.
2. Contact number, email, bank account details (The prize money for the ‘Innovation Design Award’ will be given before 30 September 2014) and postal address. Please submit this information on a word document.
3. Designers that did not previously submit a 300dpi high resolution rendering of the product, orientation view and 300dpi display panel must do so before 31 August. Entries for web design, application design and CI design only need to submit a 300dpi display panel.

According to the requirements of the enterprise and international jurors, some winning entries of the ‘Innovation Design Award’ may need to perfectivized and will be contacted by the organizing committee.

The Fourth ‘LotusPrize’ International Industrial Design and Innovation Competition will collaborate with Tencent. Daxiang net for a public voting of the winning entries and pick out our Netizen Award.

The Incubation Programme and Workshop will commence on 20 August. The jurors will pick out 24 outstanding entries from the ‘Innovation Design Award’ to extend its design for incubation. The organizing committee will arrange our ‘Startup Mentors’ workshop for online mentoring and provide model making and patent registration fees.

The 24 entries will need to provide CAD information for production.

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