The 4th LotusPrize International Industrial Design Competition Receives Strong Media Support

Since the launch of the 4th LotusPrize International Industrial Design Competition, it has received many media’s attention. Over 50 national and international media has reported the competition by the date 31 May, including television, paper and internet. It is through these media resources that LotusPrize 2014 has received much industry attention.

Here, we would like to thank the following media for their strong support (in no particular order):, China News Service (, Guangming Daily (, China Daily (, Science Technology Daily, Hunan Daily, Hunan People’s Radio Station, Hunan Economic TV, Hunan Education TV, Sanxiang City News, Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, Morning News Weekly, Rednet, Tencent Hunan, Huasheng Online, Changsha Evening News, Xingchen Online, Rednet Video, China Science Daily (, Hunan Public Channel, Net Ease, iFeng, Sohu, Gold678, Takungpao, Hunan News Net, Guiyang Net, Xue163, Finance 21CN, International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media (CUMULUS), China Industrial Design Association (CIDA), Vision China (, Design Online (, Designboom, Taiwan Boco, Polytechnic University of Milan, University of Technology, Sydney, Global Design Culture, China Design Online, ggda Design, Design Xiu, Xiu Sheji, Warting, bisai.172xiaoyuan, China Design Education Net, 51Design….

The competition is currently calling for entries until 30 June. A successful competition needs active participation from the media. The Lotus Prize competition will continue to work closely with all media and seeks the support of the media to increase its influence in latter competition schedules.