Hunan Daily: 50 Topics Finding Design Masters, Over 1 Million in Prizes

Submission Deadline: 30 June

 11 April Hunan Daily (by Hu Yufen, Pan Li)

The Fourth ‘LotusPrize’ International Industrial Design and Innovation Competition hosted by the China Hunan Provincial Government and organized by the China Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department has officially launched. The competition committee has convened a press release with all of the competition’s 50 topics coming from participating companies and their needs. The prizes will also be determined by the companies itself.

‘LotusPrize’ International Industrial Design and Innovation Competition is a biannual event and this year’s theme is ‘Design Driven Industrial Convergence’. The competition has two cateoriges being Industrial Innovation and Social Service Design Innovation. In Industrial Innovation, it emphasises on the improvement of digitalized manufacturing and design innovation on the basis of the thorough integration of high technology, digitalization, internetization and informationization. At the same time, it satisfies the aim of developing internet and information service industry in the Hunan area, merging the design needs of digital information, ebusiness, medical and health industries. The social innovation category is open for all to participate, encouraging the public to direct new social values and lifestyles through designing for urban and rural communication, public safety, post disaster reconstruction and sustainable environment etc.

What is worth mentioning is the introduction of 10 famous venture capitalists and professional incubation organizations for this year’s competition to comment and give assessment on finalist entries, allowing winners to realize their dream. The competition also has rich international resources, inviting ICSID members and Red Dot juries to act as the jury panel. 10 collaborating higher educations from England will also participate in this year’s competition.

Competitors can start registration and submission from 10 May and the deadline is 30 June. The competition has 200 winning places and more than 1 million in prizes. Awards include a design tour to Italy and internship or job opportunities in companies etc. Winning entrants also have the chance to be exhibited at the 2015 World Expo, Milan Design Week and 100% Design London.