Confirmed Enterprise Spots as of 11 April

The competition has received outstanding comments and raised strong repercussions from enterprises after the official ‘LotusPrize’ Press Release on 11 April. The competition committee has opened a service hotline to effectively call for enterprises and answer queries: +86 731 88988117 (Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00).


Confirmed Enterprise Spots as of 11 April:


Category A: Industrial Innovation

A1. Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation

Sany Group, Sunbird Yacht, Sunward Intelligent, Yunifang, Tianli Xiang Embroidery, China Red Porcelain, Sundance, Gabor, Tongdao Design, Dongmai Culture

A2. Intelligent Products and Service Design Innovation

Microsoft, Huawei, Intel, CIDIC, inWatch, iKair, Betwine, Opera, ChronoCloud


Category B: Social Service Design Innovation

Hunan TV V-Fund, Taskin, Markor Furnishings, Huayang Century