25 Year Old ‘Dream Factory’

Walking into ‘Yunifang’, all I could see are young people feverishly punching words on the keyboard. Their ‘internet nickname’ has all became household names in the internet world. It is these young people whose average age is only 25 years that created legendary sales: number one in market share for facial masks in the Chinese market with 100% growth rate 3 years in a row, over 5 million regular customers; number one for the Tmall cosmetic ‘Double Eleven’ event three years in a row, created multiple records for daily cosmetic sales in which made over 10 million a day just from mobile sales.


No doubt, this internet café like ‘factory’ has becamean icon for the speed of growth in internet branding and representative for ‘Celebrity Economy’ with the 20 something executive management team receiving recognition from Governor Du Jiahao and CEO Dai Yuefeng becoming Hunan Youth Representative.


In February 2014, the Hunan Mobile Internet Industry Development Forum was held in Changsha. The provincial government has stated to develop Hunan into a mobile internet dream factory for investment, policy, talents and service, becoming the ‘fifth city’ for the national mobile internet industry after Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu.


How to make your products more marketable? How to utilize ‘Sensory Marketing’ to structurally maintain your brand viscosity?


Although ‘Huayaohua’ has won the Germany’s Red Dot Award, Yunifang still wishes to improve its brand image through this year’s LotusPrize competition, increasing the benchmark for ecommerce and building a ‘Dream Factory’ on the internet through a series of visual design, packaging design, interface design, interaction design, system media resource management, ecommerce platform on the foundation of internet service, providing customized professional system application and analysis of database.