Notes on the Publicity Tour of the 2nd “Lotus Prize” International Industrial Design & Innovation Competition

The 2nd “Lotus Prize” International Industrial Design and Innovation Competition was launched on September 21, 2010. Ma Chaomin and Tong Xiaoxiao from the School of Design, Hunan University and other teachers represented the Organizing Committee to publicize this competition across the country in purpose of attracting more students from other colleges and universities to join in the competition.

The China Academy of Art (CAA), Jiangnan University, Zhejiang University of Technology, and Nanjing Arts Institute are the stops they have visited for the publicity. The teachers first introduced the successful experience obtained during the 1st “Lotus Prize” and the profound influence it has exerted, and then explained issues of wide concern to the students including those about the judges, the grouping requirements, the prizes, etc., followed by active interactions initiated by the students’ questions.

The success of the First “LotusPrize” has brought about such a great fame and authority among the students from different colleges and universities that the students are eager to participate in the 2nd “LotusPrize” competition. The display Flash of the design awarded works made by teacher Yuan Xiang won great popularity for its fantastic way of presentation and advanced communication techniques.

The publicity tour has successfully aroused the interests of the students who are all confident in joining in the competition. It is believed that the students will achieve good results at the rewarding ceremony held in Changsha of Hunan province in two months.