The 1st Summit Forum of Hunan International Industrial Design Begins Next Month

The final adjudication of the first “LotusPrize” held by Hunan Provincial Government draws near. Eighteen finalists are in fierce competition and the result will be announced on 10th, January 2009.

The highly expected Summit Forum of Hunan International Industrial Design is to begin the next day. Leaders of Hunan Provincial Government and Hunan Science and Technology Bureau, experts from all over the world are on the list to join the summit forum at Vaya Hotel, they are: Zhu Tao, the president of China Industrial Design Association(CIDA), Huang Wuxiu, sectary of CIDA, Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen, the president of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design(ICSID), Prof. Ezio Manzini from Politecnico di Milano, famous industrial designer Gordon Bruce, Prof. Lorraine Justice, director of the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and an executive member of ICSID, Prof. Kuan Chenneng, vice-president of Shih Chien University, chairman of Institute of Industrial & Architecture Design of Shih Chien University, Chen Wenlong, president of Nova Design and an executive member of ICSID, Prof. He Renke, dean of the School of Design of Hunan University and deputy chairperson of CIDA, Prof. Lu Xiaobo, standing director of CIDA etc. During the session, all the leaders, guests, contestants and entrepreneurs presented will express their point of view freely on topics such as industrial design and the new path to industrialization, global crisis and opportunity for design, innovative design, sustainable design, service design and design education. Later that night comes the most exciting moment, the award ceremony of this year’s “LotusPrize” will take place at the studio of Hunan ETV.