The Finalist of the 2008 “Lotus Cup” International Industrial Design and Innovation Competition Announced

On 24th, November, 18 entries were added to the list of final nominee so as to compete for the final result, they were carefully judged from the 2802 entries received from all over the world by the judging committee. According to the schedule, the gold, the silver and the bronze prize will be unveiled on the 10th, January next year in Changsha Hunan out of the following 18 finalists.

Group A: Design for Life

Entry Number Title Contestant University/Company
A****126 AIR JACK For mine Ji Peng Central South University
A****079 HONOGUARD Du Shihan, Zheng Yushu Shih Chien University
A****121 OTO Change Space Han Yaozhong, An Xiaoxia, Yang Chao Sichuan Fine Art Institute
A****169 REBORN(survive/rescue equipment) Xue Zhichao Hangzhou TOOUT Industrial Design Company
A****199 Ice Ambulance Cheng Peng, Jia Peng, Wang Dongdong Jiangnan University
A****221 Portable TOILET Dang Jingwei Art School of Central South University

Group B: Vehicle Design

Entry Number Title Contestant University/Company
B****141 Unit x3 Liu Chang Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art
B****023 Transformation Luo Yuyang Huaihua University
B****073 BEANPOD Inflatable Cargo Van Gao Zhen Guangzhou Automobile Group CO., LTD
B****092 MOBILE WAY Zhang Zexin Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art
B****129 SOLAR MAN Chen Weiping Shih Chien University
B****027 AQUARIDER Ruan Jieyuan Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art

Group C: Equipment Design

Entry Number Title Contestant University/Company
C****079 FACY Li Ran, Wang Xuekun School of Design, Hunan University
C****007 Ice Remover Li Lei, Wang Zhen, Sun Yao, Qu Jia School of Design, Hunan University
C****019 “AXIS”MOBILE CRANE Ma Chaomin School of Design, Hunan University
C****026 Ant Crane Zhang Yakun, Zhou Hui Huazhong University of Science and Technology
C****008 Linternal-Combustion Engine Counter Balanced Fork Lift Truck Xiao Sheng, Xu Bing Hunan University of Technology
C****002 BUMBLE BEE Jin Yuanbiao, Chou Meng, Liu Xiao, Tang Gang School of Design, Hunan University

The “Lotus Cup” is sponsored by the People’s Government of Hunan Province, promoted by Hunan Science and Technology Department, Hunan Radio and TV, undertaken by Hunan University and Hunan Province of Societies of Industrial Design, co-organized by the Committee of Education teaching industrial design. It is certificated by the China Industrial Design Association (CIDA), the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media (CUMULUS). The “Lotus Cup” is an international design competition devoted to the sustainable design needed during the creation of a society that is resource-effective and environmental-friendly. The completion got great amount of help from the University of Cincinnati, Politecnico di Milano, Shih Chien University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Zhejiang University, Jiangnan University, Tongji University, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and many more design schools home and abroad, also thanks to Hunan Daily, Hunan TV, Rednet and the Newspaper Group of Hunan.